Germantown, Maryland

A loan Officer from C.I.T came to my home and talked to an adjustable rate. I told him I changed my mind and wanted a fix rate.

I called the office for an entire week, Finally Mark showed up at my home instead of Leon who was the original Rep. for the company. Mark told me Leon picked up his check and was not seen again. Nothing that I signed was explained to me, no notary public was present at the signing of the paper, nor were their anyone present at the signing to witness signature Mark who worked for C.I.T stated that he would return with papers notarized.

A month later after making one payment to C.I.T my payments was sold to America's Servicing Company without my knowledge. It was an adjustable rate, which he was supposed to change to a fixed rate. We should all file a class action lawsuit now I am in modification because A.S.C is playing games with me. C.I.T has asked me to complete a life insurance application and these are the people that sold my mortgage to ASC.

Something is wrong legally here how can a company that sold my mortgage to another company after they sold it contact me and ask me about taking out life insurance so that my house would be paid for if I die. If you check the Internet you will find that Wells Fargo is also part of ASC.

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